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Do I Need A Lawyer???

The creation and ever-growing expansion of the Internet has made vast amounts of legal information easily available.  There are numerous websites where you can download or buy forms for wills, trusts, health care directive and powers of attorney.

We are often asked, "Can't I just buy a form and fill it in?"

Our answer is, "Sure, you can do that." However, what you won't get from a form can be stated in one word." And that one word is ...ADVICE!

When you work with licensed attorneys with years of experience and ongoing continuing education requirements, you can feel confident that you're receiving more than a fill-in-the-blank form.  You're getting personalized, competent legal advice and counsel.  No form can give you that peace of mind.

We work with individuals, married couples & domestic partners across the Twin Cities metropolitan area to help them plan their estates in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We offer convenient weekday, evening and weekend appointments as well as offering "house calls" for our clients who have mobility impairments

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