Probate and Estate & Trust Administration

When a loved one dies, families are overcome by a flurry of emotions. There are many matters to attend to, some of which can be difficult.  Many people wonder, "After the funeral, what do we do next?"

Most people have heard the word "probate" but are only vaguely aware of what it is. They wonder, "Do we need a probate?" Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.  So, how do they know?

We help families answer this question. There is one key word that determines whether the family needs to open a probate and that one word is "title."  Title describes who owns property during life and who owns it after death. If the deceased family member's assets are titled in certain ways, no probate is needed.  We can help the family determine if probate is necessary.

As for the process, probate involved four main steps:

  • locating & collecting a deceased person's assets
  • notifying creditors
  • paying valid debts and taxes and
  • distributing assets

It may sound simple but there are many legal requirements.  In addition, there are strict time limits for certain procedures.

As part of a probate, you might find out that you’re the trustee for a relative or friend who recently died.  You have no idea what you’re supposed to do.  We can help you perform your legal duties as a trustee.